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3 x Astro Turf courts
Jungle Gym Swimming pool
Volleyball / Netball Courts
Jogging Track
Conference Room

Hartley Events

Hundreds of eager learners and their families look forward to the annual fun walk which takes place on the prominent golden mile. Young and old take on the challenge and enjoy a morning out with some fun in the sun!
The Hartley Fair flourished and grew into a successful fund raising venture attracting thousands of people from far and wide, becoming a much awaited calendar event.

The Hartley fair is a vibrant market place and community gathering where one can always find the latest in what’s trending! People enjoy the grand shopping experience, decadent array of food stalls and the fun and festivities for both young and old. Stalls are packed to the rafters with delightful items to satisfy every shopper’s whims and needs.

Season 22 and the fair keeps getting better and better. The funds generated at the fair are used for the ongoing updates for facilities and infrastructure, to improve the quality of education, sport and excellent service delivery and most importantly to provide quality education at a nominal fee. One just has to look around and will see the changes annually.
The schools offer an ideal location and platform for the monthly pop up, called The Scene at Hartley. Small businesses and corporate brands pop up to gain exposure and use the event to sell their products.
From goals, runs and laps - attaining gold is on the maps. At Hartley sports is serious business. We strive to achieve the highest level of sporting success through brilliant sports coaches and vigorous training. We ensure our learners are both physically fit and academically inclined. We ensured that we built state of the art facilities to facilitate the sporting programmes at Hartley. We currently have a jogging track, netball/volleyball courts, a swimming pool and 3 Astro courts.

School Policies

Parents must ensure that their children come to school fully attired in school uniform at all times. The school uniform is prescribed as per the information below.

Slack Suit or Cloaks
Black and grey slack suits or cloaks with square grey/black scarves. (long scarves are not permitted)

Black shoes with plain white socks. No takkies to be worn to school.

Black button front jersey. No leather jackets, cardigans and fancy jackets are permitted.

Hair to be well groomed and plaited. Short hair must be above the collar. fringes must be clipped back. No hair must fall over the forehead. A plain black alice-band may be worn to keep hair away from forehead. No fancy elaborate hair accessories. No gel/mousse/ highlighting / tints on hair.

No make-up whatsoever. No lip gloss/nail polish.

Nails must be kept short.
No eyeliner (Kajal or eyeshadow).

A pair of stud earrings is allowed. An inexpensive wrist watch may be worn. Rings, bangles, and chains are not allowed.
Long grey pants.

A white school shirt or a white kurtah only.

Only white hats are allowed.

Black school shoes with plain grey or black socks. No takkies to be worn to school.

Black jersey. No leather jackets, cardigans and fancy jackets are permitted.

To be well groomed and short. No gel/mousses/highlights/tints on hair.

Nails must be kept short.

An inexpensive wrist watch may be worn. Rings, bangles, chains are not allowed.
PE Kit for Boys And Girls
Learners must carry their PE kit to school or alternatively they may wear any black track pants and a plain white T shirt [boys] / a plain black T-shirt (girls) under their school uniform. Learners must not come to school attired in T-shirts. Only black or white takkies should be worn on PE days. We strongly advise that our girls wear loose fitting black T- shirts for PE. White T-shirts when wet compromise the modesty of our female learners.
Body piercing and tattoos are not allowed. Pupils are not allowed to bring cell phones and toys to school. Failure to comply with the above will result in the item being confiscated.

Parents must adhere strictly to the above requirements. Parents are requested to write child’s/ward’s Name on all items. All unclaimed items are donated at the end of the year.

Guidelines for Learners and Parents

There is no formal/structured homework given to your child/ward. However all incomplete class-work in respect of notes; worksheets and activities must be done as homework. An assessment activity plan is given to learners at the beginning of each term and should serve as a guide to complete their homework. Assignments; projects; speeches ; etc are all part of homework- in this regards your child/ward will be given a detailed guideline as to the requirements together with the assessment criteria. Your child /ward has been given a homework record book-it is his/her responsibility to take down the homework given.

In the event of your child/ward failing to complete a unit of homework for assessment purposes the following procedure will apply.

1. Formal assessments will be given to pupils as stipulated in the assessment plan.
2. The duration of the project/ assignment/ activity will depend on the nature of the assessment i.e. 1 day to 4 weeks. The due date is to be set accordingly.
3. If a learners does not submit a project/ assignment after a reasonable due date, the subject teacher must inform the parent of the non- submission of the assignment/ project. The parent must acknowledge receipt of the letter. The learner must acknowledge the letter if the parent fails to respond.
4. Thereafter learners will be 2 days to complete and submit the assessment activity for marking. A 10% penalty will be imposed.
5. If after the second date, the learner fails to submit the assessment activity and after consultation with HOD, the pupil will be awarded a zero.

• Check the homework entries each day.
• Check if the homework has been done.
• Sign in the last column of the page after you are satisfied that all homework set for the day has been attempted.

Your co-operation in respect of homework done by your child/ward is of the utmost importance since it will help to instill in him/her the qualities of discipline, correct work habits and the ability to do independent work without direct supervision. If these qualities can be inculcated in your child now then it is unlikely that he/she will encounter problems in the higher grades.

Hartley Road Primary opened its doors in 1998. Two years later, I was appointed as principal. The task of transforming the school was a daunting one, but I realised that the education of our children is a societal concern. Therefore transformation was going to be a collective effort according to the context in which we were operating. Having the passion, vision and energy for education, I took on the challenge.

In the day to day management, the management team and educators are drivers of transformation, where governance or policy is key; the school’s governors are drivers. None can act in a vacuum and must do so within constitutional and regulatory constraints together with social expectations. The importance of the alliance cannot be questioned as SA’s new political landscape unfolds for failure to listen to the alliance partners. Hartley is on the right track for a positive future. We are part of the education system that is in the midst of deep and fundamental changes since the onset of democracy. I am pleased to report that for us the process has shown very positive results.

We consulted all stakeholders and then formally adopted our vision of being “a leading school in the country”. We had set out very clear goals and had embarked on a multi-pronged restructuring approach addressing

• Holistic development of learners
• Improving the infrastructure incrementally
• Academic quality

We continue to commit ourselves to the realization of the strategic goals that we set ourselves. In particular, we strive to continue providing effective leadership that is not only motivational and visionary, but leadership that also takes and accepts ultimate responsibility. It is mainly through this kind of leadership and commitment from everyone in the school that we have been able to make significant strides in realizing some of our strategic objectives.

There are some ongoing events that are important to us as a school. The first is the academically linked consultations, such engagements allow us to evaluate our performance and re-orientate our focus in terms of our strategic direction and core business and to assess the home-school relationship and to test parent commitment. The second is the various non academic events like the annual budget meeting and fund raising support in our famous Winter Fair, Fun Run and charity drives. We look forward to your support in these events. We had set and improved policies and systems and hence today are proud of the harvest we yield.

Education brings changing times and new challenges. The reality of the times is that many schools are ill equipped to cope with the digital learner. Educators are digital immigrants while the learners are naturally digital. We at Hartley take on the challenges with vigour and perseverance to ensure our learners are properly positioned for a holistic yet academic future.

Together with our internal efforts we wanted to strengthen external relations and focused on building Hartley as the hub of community life. To this end we were successful. We want to expand our footprint to the early childhood phase. We intend building an early childhood development centre for the community to cater for a crèche and preschool. The investment will ensure that Hartley is truly community focused, needs driven and self managing. We always ask the question, how resilient and adaptable our school really is. Can our school remain sustainable regardless of constant challenges in society and changes in the environments? If not, the message is simple: At Hartley it is.

There is always a need to initiate changes in the school. This ‘active, not reactive’ mindset is key to the long term sustainability of our school.

We take this opportunity to thank all our learners, parents, governors, staff, sponsors and well-wishers for their continued loyal support and contributions towards helping us grow our school into a key educational institution. Remember Hartley will always remain a place where you belong.


Hartley is an ECO School
The purpose of this program was to encourage our learners to read and improve their skills. We have a Library sponsored by AKM Docrat Trust which is a hive of reading activity.